Benefits of EV in Van Nuys & Los Angeles, CA

Reduced Emissions

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles have reduced tailpipe emissions. Battery Electric (BEV) vehicles have none at all. With more of them on our streets, we'll have a reduction in pollution and smog. That will have significant health benefits, particularly in denser and environmentally disadvantaged parts of our state.


You'd be surprised at how nice it is to drive a vehicle that doesn't go "vroom." Many EV owners find their daily commute to be less stressful.

If you live near a busy roadway, wouldn't you prefer it if every vehicle on the road made little or no noise?

Easy To Maintain

Electric motors are a time-tested technology with few moving parts. That means an EV's powertrain generally requires little maintenance, is highly efficient, and doesn't require an oil change.


Electric motors react quickly, delivering plenty of acceleration the moment you need it. That's helpful when pulling onto a freeway, passing another vehicle, or taking off from a stoplight. No wonder electric vehicles are so much fun to drive.

HOV Lane Access

Because California wants more electric vehicles on our roads, the state encourages their purchase by offering free access for some EVs to carpool lanes, regardless of the number of occupants.

Climate Friendly

Even if you charge an EV with electricity generated by fossil fuels, it releases fewer greenhouse gasses into the environment. That reduces our reliance on petroleum products because it uses this energy so efficiently. As more renewable energy sources become available, total EV emissions will approach zero.