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Just because your odometer reads above 75,000 miles doesn’t mean that you should accept lesser than performance. With the assistance of a Hyundai service and maintenance technician, you can continue to enjoy top-notch performance for well passed the 75,000-mile point. Keyes Hyundai is your number one choice for all things automotive, high-mileage maintenance included.

So, your odometer has reached the high-mileage point, what does this mean? Well, for one, congratulations on enjoying so many thousands of great miles with your vehicle. Contrary to belief, these are far from the twilight years of your vehicle, and with expert guidance, you can continue to enjoy a splendid driving experience for years to come.

First of all, our auto experts will recommend that you make the transition to high-mileage motor oil. High mileage motor oil takes lubrication to the next level and does an excellent job of breaking down grime deposits. And of course, above all things, high mileage motor oil greatly reduces the amount of smog that your vehicle emits.

Beyond just motor oil, it might be time to have your transmission fully inspected by one of our technicians. The transmission is central to the function of your vehicle, and on average tend to last 100,000 miles. Fortunately, you can extend well passed this average lifespan by getting your transmission checked and having any mechanical issues fixed before they become serious.

Now that your car is apart of the high mileage club, heat management is your top priority. While our cooling system is typically responsible for lowering the temperature of your engine, like all other components, it might be time to get a thorough inspection. By maintaining the cooling system of your car, excessive heat build-up, and the wear and tear caused by it can be a non-issue.

Whether you’re hoping to consult an expert Los Angeles Hyundai dealer or car care professional, Keyes Hyundai is the place for you. We break the mold from competitor dealerships by always extending the best customer service possible, no matter what. 

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